The UK is watched by 5.3 million CCTV cameras. Thousands of these cameras have been leaked online. Open cams are streaming on the web and can be watched by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

We all accept being watched. But don’t realise it could be by the entire internet.

Enter AntsLive. Off the back of winning Music Video of the Year for his single ‘Number One Candidate’ and getting nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2023 MOBO awards, AntsLive teamed up with a creative collective to make a new type of music video, using these hacked CCTV cameras across London for his new single ‘Cutlery’.

The ‘Cutlery’ music video breaks new ground by tapping into some of the over 1000 cam locations, which can be found on an accompanying website experience: The rapper is seen performing on famous streets to local haunts from his North London neighbourhoods and on the site you can watch the film and find the locations in the video.

The site also points us in the direction of even more of these live cams around the UK, inviting anyone to make their own music video. The rapper is fast becoming known as an innovative artist and this proves once again how everything AntsLive touches is imbued with exceptional creativity from start to finish.

Ants’ latest single ‘Cutlery’, releasing 9th January via Payday Records.

View the interactive digital experience at

AntsLive Image
mobile mockup
AntsLive Map
AntsLive - Box around ant
AntsLive - Box around ant